Letter to my Nieces & Nephew

Actual letter to nieces and nephew, lol. I’m looking forward to their responses:


Hello Claire! Hello Amelie! Hello Sawyer!

This is your Auntie Becca writing from New York. We got TWELVE INCHES of snow today! I wish I’d had my camera while I was walking through it. It looked like the whole world was drowned in powdered sugar.

How are you doing today? Mimi told me you got snow, too! Did you make snowmen? Did you eat any of the snow? Don’t eat the yellow snow! Only eat the white snow!

So what is a day like for Auntie Becca? I get up early in the morning (before the sun is up!), throw on my work clothes and then my cold-winter clothes on top (Gloves, scarf, hat, jacket, and boots) and head to work. Every day, I take the subway. It’s a big train that runs underground. It costs $2.25 to take one way. Can mommy show you how much that is?

When I get into Manhattan (that’s the fancy name for New York City), I am surrounded by tall, tall buildings, a hundred times taller than any tree. Do you know another name for a tall, tall building? A skyscraper! Because they scrape the sky, of course. :)

I work at a publishing company. Do you know what a publishing company does? We make books! We pay writers to write and artists to draw. Then we print their books and sell them to stores where people like you can buy them. Mimi told me you have a few Fancy Nancy books! That’s one of the books we sell! (And there’s a few more for all of you in the mail).

We also publish adult books (those are books for big people like mommy and daddy). We publish books about cooking (Mommy has a lot of those!), visiting different countries, art, and all sorts of things! Everything! If you can think of it, we probably publish it.

Every night, after work, I take the subway back home (what is a subway again?). It takes me an hour to get from work to home. While I’m on the subway, I like to write. It’s not very fun just sitting for an hour (can you sit still for an hour with nothing to do?), though sometimes I like to watch the people. There are LOTS of interesting people in New York! I bet when you play dress-up with mommy’s clothes, you don’t look much different!

Except in winter. Most everybody wears black. I don’t know why.

When I get home, I make dinner (or heat up leftovers), and then I sit at my desk, and I write.

And write.

And write.

And write.

And when I’m done, I take a shower, curl up beneath my bedcovers, and go to sleep.

And then the next day, I repeat!

Though of course, on the weekends, I do other things, but I’ll save that for another email!

What’s your day usually like?

Love and hugs and snuggles,
Auntie Becca


Of course, *I* like the little kid books. :D

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