Rivkah La Fille:
\’reev-kuh läh-’fee\
1. n. Writer and illustrator of graphic fiction for young ladies of fine and fascinating tastes.


Rivkah is an artist. Rivkah is a writer. Rivkah plays best by herself, so instead of making movies (where you have to work with actors and annoying producers from LA) she makes comics. Specifically the kinds of comics she WISHED existed. Especially the ones she wished existed when she was in middle school. Comics for girls. And not that girly-obsessed-with-hair-and-makeup Sweet Valley High crap (or obsessed-with-glittery-vampire-boys Twilight double crap). We mean comics with action and adventure and hopefully some smarts and savvy thrown in. And of course, lots of neat clothes and cool places.

Rivkah’s had a few books published. A young adult series from Tokyopop. An illustration/tutorial book from Harper Collins. But now she’s focused on self-publishing because publishers treat the words “girls’ comics” like it’s an oxymoron. However, that’s about to change.